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Аниме Рэп Рэйвел Феникс - Rap do Ravel Phenex (Phoenix)- High School DxD Rap - AMV

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Riser phenex

When they finally face off, Diehauser had blocked their abilities with his "Worthless" and abducts them. Riser manages to win his Rating Game against Rias after his Queen, Yubelluna , defeated all of her peerage except for Asia and Issei the latter who has reached his body's limit , allowing Riser to beat Issei to near-death and forcing Rias to resign. He was voiced by Takehito Koyasu in the Japanese version of the anime, and Christopher Corey Smith in the English version, the former of whom also voices Luke Valentine. He is the third son of the Phenex family, and was chosen as bridegroom of Rias Gremory in an attempt to restore the numbers of pure-blooded devils. Underneath his open blazer is a white dress shirt that is not fully buttoned just one button short , giving a slight view to his chest. At some point before the start of the series, his family set up an arranged marriage between him and Rias with her family's approval, as well in an attempt to unite the two families and to preserve the bloodline of Pure-Blooded Devils. During his engagement party with Rias in the Underworld, he faces Issei in a one-on-one fight with Rias' engagement on the line but loses due to Issei's strategy: But his marriage plan foiled by Issei. He is also condescending towards lower-class Devils, mocking Issei on his improper use of the Boosted Gear after the latter was defeated by Mira in one blow and labeling him as a weakling. Marry Rias Gremory and defeat Issei Hyoudou both failed. Riser phenex

Riser phenex

Riser phenex

Riser phenex

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  • Megal says:

    After recovering from his trauma, Riser seems to have reformed from his old ways, showing a degree of respect for his former combatants, especially Issei.

  • Dugore says:

    Riser reappears in Volume 10 , having recovered from his slump, giving some advice to Rias on the Rating Games and warning Issei that should he mistreat his sister, he will burn him to a crisp.

  • Meztile says:

    In Volume 20 , Riser and his sister were finally recovered, he was sent home while Ravel stayed in Ajuka's care until the Occult Research Club could take her in.

  • Kazraktilar says:

    It is also explained that Riser developed a fear of Dragons following his loss. He is the third son of the Phenex family, and was chosen as bridegroom of Rias Gremory in an attempt to restore the numbers of pure-blooded devils.

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