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Sexslave tumblr

Finally frustrated with no answers, the flight attendant decided to open the door just a crack to see who it is. Someone is knocking at the door. With her hands behind her back, she can not reach the noose to loosen it and now, can not move at all. The whole thing could not have taken 30 seconds! Being a flight attendant means you get to travel all around the world to exciting and glamours locations like Venice, Prague and Lisbon. A cover was put over top of the cart, and was soon moving down the hall. But it also means you have to fly to some more seedy corners of the world like Milan, where these photos were taken. With a sack still over her head, she cannot see what is happening but she assumes that the other people from the cart are being similarly, handled and strung up. It happens all the time. After a long flight, she arrived at her hotel and took some selfies and sent them to her girlfriend back home to let her know she is alright and that she arrived safely. When she landed, she could tell she had landed on at least two, maybe even three other people struggling in this cart. The flight attendant was knocked to the floor when the door was kicked open and she was not given a chance to recover. At the same time, a rag was shoved in her mouth and a burlap sack was tied over her head so she could not see or scream. Sexslave tumblr

Sexslave tumblr

Sexslave tumblr

Sexslave tumblr

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    The flight attendant was knocked to the floor when the door was kicked open and she was not given a chance to recover. Big mistake! The lid was back on and the cart continued down the hall.

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