Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is becoming one of the most sought after skills for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. So what is it exactly? Internet Marketing you could say is the process of advertising your product or service on the internet. There are many ways to accomplish the goal of increasing your businesses revenue, for ease of explanation I will divide it in to two categories: paid internet marketing, and free internet marketing.

Paid Internet Marketing

There are many great sources on the internet to pay for advertising. Paid advertising is often referred to as PPC which stands for Pay-Per-Click. In a PPC campaign you would set a total amount for your advertising campaign, and each time a visitor clicks your advertisement, you pay a small fee which can range from pennies all the way up to 100 or more dollars. There are also different methods for video advertisements where you you would pay per impression, these would generally be your YouTube ads. Here are some great places to deploy your paid internet advertising:


Google has many options for business owners when it comes to advertising online. There are link, images, shopping advertisements and more. Google offers many options to advertisers that enable you to target different locations, demographics, people with certain interests, and even target keywords at different times of the day.


YouTube is a great advertising tool that engages your audience and enables you to target a far greater audience for cheaper than any other advertising platform. Video advertising is one of the cheapest forms of advertisements and is my favourite, your audience will love it and it is great for branding.


Facebook is one of the best advertising outlets for targeting demographics, age, gender and many other kinds of characteristics. With so much personal information being shared on Facebook, it gives opportunity to target that information and exploit it for marketing purposes. Facebook also offers image and video advertising. At this moment Facebook video ads are the most under priced ad with the most impact. If you are branding your company this is something you definitely want to test out.

Free Internet Marketing

It is possible to market your product or service on the internet for free. It will take a lot more time but it is arguably the best form of internet marketing there is. Many marketing experts agree that organic traffic will convert at the highest rate among consumers because it connects businesses with customers that are already looking for specific products or services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website or a web page to show up in the search engine results page when people search for specific keywords. Everyone uses search engines on a daily basis when they are looking for information on in many scenarios like when they want to find information, when they want to buy something, or when they want to go somewhere. Optimizing your business for search engines is arguably the most profitable marketing technique available for your business, depending on the niche you are in.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is great for increasing brand awareness and building a customer base. It is important to brand your business in order to build trust around your products or services. Social Media is a great way to connect to thousands if not millions of people all around the world, at the click of a button. It is the most effective way of driving traffic, and great for engagement with your audience.