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Gay gatineau

As the popularity of the bar grew, it was decided to expend on a second level witch included a huge… 56 Texas Tavern The Texas was a rough and dirty bar for lesbians in the early 70s. It featured exposed stone walls and a large wooden dance floor. It tended to cater to civil servants for cinq et sept after work, due to its convenient location in the Market near Parliament. In the 50s and… 35 A: Lockers was a men's cruising bar in the same facility. The bar was originally a Caribbean dance club, with lesbian and gay nights on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Located… 55 Taktiks - Briefs - Lipstick Taktiks was a hugely popular dance club in the s. The… 37 A: However, with the closing of CP… 62 Willy's Willy's was one of two bars opened and operated by Willy Wilgress, who was a popular bartender at Shades for many years. It offered a relaxed atmosphere with a wooden dance floor on its first… 14 Club Private There's not much to see now, but around the space where an underground parking lot entrance now exists, Club Private was on the top floor of the former Rideau Winter Club building at Laurier. Opening in spring , it fills the void left by the sudden closure of Centretown Pub just steps away. Rumours that it was in trouble had been circulating for some time,… 7 A: When it opened in the late s, the space was a huge draw with lineups outside the door to get in. In order to get access, you had to enter the straight bar below, described as a biker bar by some, then go up a flight of stairs to a door with one of those sliding peep holes built… 57 A: Located in Hull now Gatineau , in the s and 60s, the space was a rough hangout for both straights and gays and was well known for their drag acts, especially Peaches… 9 A: The basement held a bar called Bottom's Up for many years, with the upstairs having, at least for a time, a Latin restaurant. Gay gatineau

Gay gatineau

Gay gatineau

Gay gatineau

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    The crowd can include anyone from retired civil servants, trans youth, straight couples making out, or a table of college-aged lesbians, and everyone gets along just fine.

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    It went out with a bang Its challenge as a queer space was that it was very large and always felt empty even if there were a fair amount of people there. Located near the drill hall, it became a natural space for closeted gay and bisexual men, especially those working the government, to meet here.

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    Lockers was a men's cruising bar in the same facility.

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    A bathhouse on most nights, on Friday and Saturday… 15 Club Soda Club Soda was a small, but chic dance and cocktail bar open for a few years in the early s.

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