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This means existing systems can now store and access Coldline data without any updates to the application, and can serve that data directly to end users in milliseconds. What to expect and how to watch: Using Regional storage class allowed us to run audio transcoding in Google Compute Engine close to production storage. At GCP, we believe that archival data should be as accessible as any other data. Google Cloud Storage is a key part of that platform and offers developers and IT organizations durable and highly available object storage, with consistent APIs for ease of application integration, all at a low cost. A big part of the algorithm is based on videos users are favoring on the service. To learn more about Cloud Storage and the new storage classes, visit our web page here , or do a deeper dive into our technical documentation. Software Vimeo now highlights hot videos with categories Vimeo's got a new way of categorizing videos that highlights some of the most popular videos on the service in independent categories. Along with categories, there are also editor-created subcategories. Our recent work on Nearline latency and throughput ensures comparable performance across all storage classes. Some use cases require highly available storage close to the Google Compute Engine instances. Cloud Storage Coldline: That's also good news for advertisers, which Vimeo can now pitch with very honed, and focused content verticals. What's interesting about this approach is that in many ways it's taking some of the responsibility off the users who cannot choose a category or add tags to their own clips. Vimeo hot

Vimeo hot

Vimeo hot

Vimeo hot

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